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The bibliography on this site was compiled for the book: Carl Rogers The Quiet Revolutionary: An Oral History, by David Russell and Carl Rogers. Penmarin Books, 2002.


This bibliography is provided as a resource for those who wish explore further. Whenever possible, complete bibliographical information is given. A few works have been included with incomplete information, but with enough detail for the inspired researcher to track down the publication.The following bibliographical entries are divided into four sections:

  1. Books by Carl Rogers, listed in reverse chronological order
  2. Articles by Carl Rogers in chronological order
  3. Books about Carl Rogers and the Client/Person-Centered approach, listed alphabetically by author
  4. Articles about Carl Rogers and the Client/Person-Centered approach, listed alphabetically by author


This bibliography has been compiled from bibliographies collected by the following authors and editors whose contributions to the Person-Centered Approach have been extensive over the years. With gratitude, we wish to acknowledge:Tom Greening: professor at Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco, and international editor of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, which has devoted several entire issues to Carl Rogers and the Person-Centered Approach, as well as numerous articles by and about Carl over its forty year span.Journal of Humanistic Psychology; Howard Kirschenbaum, author of the definitive biography on Carl Rogers, OnBecoming Carl Rogers, co-editor of the Carl Rogers Reader and the Carl Rogers Dialogues and many other books. He is chairman of the Department of Counseling and Human Development at the Warner Graduate School of Education, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York.

Germain Lietaer: professor at Catholic University of Leuven, where he teaches client-centered/experiential psychotherapy and process research in psychotherapy and is a staff member of their postgraduate training. His extensive bibliographical collection of Client-Centered/ Experiential psychotherapy ranging over sixty years includes works in five languages. His survey of books from 1939-2001 is published in the May 2002 issue of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. David Mearns is Professor of Counseling at the Univesity of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. He is author of several books on Person-Centered Counseling.David Russell is Director of the Davidson Library Oral History Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where the Carl Rogers Archives is located. (see below) He interviewed Carl Rogers for this oral history.

Peter Schmid is Associate Professor at the University of Graz, visiting professor at the Hochschule, St. Gabriel, and teacher at several universities in Austria and Europe. He is in private practice and is a trainer at the Academy for Counseling and Psychotherapy at the Institute for Person-Centered Studies, Austria. He the founder of Person-Centered Training in Austria and author of many books. His Website has bibliography entries in nine languages:

Brian Thorne is Professor Emeritus and former Director of Counseling at the University of East Anglia, Norwich England and a founding member of the Norwich Center for Personal and Professional Development. He has authored several books on the Person-Centered Approach and Carl Rogers.

For the Carl Rogers Archives, Website :

The Department of Special Collections at the Davidson Library, University of Santa Barbara, California contains selected papers of Carl Rogers: records from his association with the Center for the Study of the Person, a group he co-founded; reprint articles from the Carl Rogers Memorial Library (now extinct), diaries, University of Chicago Counseling Center discussion papers, correspondence, and his China Diary. For obtaining access to these papers visit the Website listed above.Also, this UC Santa Barbara archives contains an extensive collection of Carl Rogers audio tapes, and video tapes including such outstanding work as "The Steel Shutter" and "The Journey into Self." To get copies of any of these audio or video tapes at cost for educational purposes, contact David Russell at the website listed above.

Photographs, Films and Videos

If you are interested in using a photograph of Carl Rogers, or obtaining his videos or films please contact the Carl Rogers Archives, at the University of Santa Barbara, California and follow these directions once you have opened their Website

On the left, click on "Container List," then the arrow next to "Audiovisual Materials," and you will get a list split into audio and visual materials. The Archives can make copies of any item you see listed. Their reproduction policy is detailed on their Webpage at:

A photograph can be made through Photographic Services, which might take awhile, or one can be scanned and emailed to you. If you let David Gartrell know what sort of materials you are looking for, and your time schedule, he will do his best to assist you.

David Gartrell, University Archivist and Manuscripts Curator

The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., holds all of Carl’s earlier material: To access the library catalog use :

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